Our New Frontier

My wife and I shared a dream. We wanted to live a simple, sustainable life. We wanted control of our time and our careers. We wanted to be more self-reliant. We wanted to make family a priority. We wanted a pet pig. I'm still waiting for that pig.

Scrap Wood Designs is our dream. It began in our garage in 2011. Jaclyn was already a talented artist, but before it had only been a hobby. She has worked in painting, photography, and stained glass, but her true passion is working with wood. Then everything clicked. In 2012, she left her cubicle job to focus fully on her art.

The business grew as most good things grow: slowly and with a lot of hard work. In 2015, the business outgrew our garage. We needed more space, so we left Seattle for Whidbey Island to get a proper workshop. Now we both work on Scrap Wood Designs full time.

We're still growing and we're still working hard, but we love what we do. That love shows in the art we create and the way we run our business. That's never going to change.

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